Upgraded Apps

iphone-6-1Samples – See both Basic and Upgraded App Samples HERE.

You can upgrade your app to get advanced features such as:

  • An Enhanced Menu – Instead of using a basic app menu, you can have a highly visible and engaging opening menu. We will provide the graphics (unless you want to use your own). See samples inside some of our Upgraded Apps.
  • Scripture Notifications – (Available for iPhone/iPad only) Within your app we can build a reminder that will send a Bible verse to the user if the app hasn’t been opened in a set number of days. This is a great way to draw people back to your app, to remind them of the tools you’ve given them there and to encourage them with Scripture.
  • Family Devotions – Give your families access to over 100 Bible-based family devotions.
  • Parenting Blog – Help your parents raise godly kids by giving them access to the parenting blog by the National Center for Biblical Parenting.
  • Pastor’s Blog – Add your pastor’s blog to your app.
  • Audio and Video Sermons – Receive multiple connection points through which your church members can have instant access for audio, video and live feed messages. This is a powerful tool for discipleship on-the-go.
  • Church Bulletin – Add your weekly bulletin to your app.
  • Topical Bible Verse – Give your church family instant access to topical Scripture to help them follow Jesus in everyday life.
  • Wise Choices – This tool was created to help people who are facing a difficult choice but don’t know what to do. What is right and what is wrong? These ten questions have helped many people Biblically evaluate a situation to decide the correct course of action.
  •  Audio Evangelism Training – Discover how to share your salvation testimony, how to lead someone to Christ and how to create opportunities to share. This is powerful and life-changing audio instruction that your church members can instantly access.
  • Invite a Friend by Text – A pre-written text that your members can use to invite others to worship.
  • Invite a Friend by Email – A pre-written email that your members can use to invite others to worship.
  • Pastor’s Page – Let everyone know who your pastor is and what his vision is for the church. And, if you have a welcome video, we can add that to your app as well.
  • Custom Information – From spiritual gift inventories to information on how to study Scripture to membership classes, you can provide your church family with a variety of discipleship tools that you’re already using or that you have created specifically for your ministry.
  • Spanish Resources – Spanish resources for sharing the Gospel both at home and abroad.

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