Reaching My Community

World-in-Hands1-300x199-293x199Consider the following ideas to help reach your community:

The Top 10 Questions Being Asked by People in Your Community

On your website and/or church app, we can add a community survey where people can ask their life and spiritual questions. We encourage churches to email responses to all the questions asked. Answers should be brief, Biblical and then offer to meet with them somewhere in your community to talk more. You can also invite them to a 10-week sermon series that will deal with the top 10 questions being asked. We can provide sample newspaper articles and suggestions for promotion as well as social media buttons on your website for easy sharing.

A Community App

Most of us haven’t picked up a phone book in a long time. When we want access, we turn to the internet but times are changing. In the same way that searching for phone numbers and addresses in the phone book is a thing of the past, over the next 10 to 15 years, communities outside of the major cities will begin to develop community apps. What if your church was to lead the way in launching a community app, specifically featuring ways to engage your community with spiritual truth. Learn more HERE.

Community Outreach

Many church leaders say that door-to-door evangelism doesn’t work anymore. The truth is that door-to-door evangelism is just as effective now as ever. Some of the methods have changed but people are still getting saved on their doorsteps. Our ministry can provide tools and training to help your church effectively take the Gospel beyond the walls of your church. Find a variety of evangelism resources HERE and discover the “Beyond the Walls” outreach and visitation program HERE

Family Outreach

Using creative tools for public school assemblies followed by an evening family outreach is an effective way to connect with families in your community and to share the Gospel with them. We’ve seen as many as 200 people come to a church that averages 40 on Sunday morning. Learn more about effective church outreach events HERE.

Free Gospel-Sharing App

Download the Heaven? app HERE for sharing the Gospel on-the-go.


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