The Benefit of Apps & Websites

Did You Know?

“Most people, even those who are friends with your church member and those who live in small community, will NOT enter the doors of a church unless first they know what to expect.”


The Benefits

  • Keep People Connected – Keep people connected and informed through schedule information, announcements, blogs, audio/video messages and more.
  • Share Jesus – Put an easy evangelism tool in the pockets of your members. Point people in your community to an engaging Gospel presentation on your website. Help your church family share their salvation testimonies in a way that reaches far beyond your church and community.
  • Take Discipleship Outside the Church – Provide an easy way for your church family to have access to messages, discipleship materials, Bible readings and more – Every day, every where they go…
  • Increase Giving – Statistics show that online giving can significantly increase finances and help get rid of the “summer slump”. In addition, data shows that giving increases by 6-7% if at offering time, you simple say, “You can also give right now through our church app.”
  • Share Church Information – Give people in your community easy access to answers for their questions about your church. And give your members touch-of-the-button ability to share information about your church wherever they go.
  • Create Community Awareness – If you are the first app in your area, it will create a media stir. We can also create a community directory inside your app. In the past, phone books were the best source for community information but now most people go online. Community apps are the next step. Give your community easy access to local websites, phone numbers and emails for local businesses, city offices, schools, etc. Having a community resource section will drive your community to your app, to your church information, and past other features such as, “How can we pray for you?”, “Email Your Life Questions” and  “How can I go to Heaven?”. Imagine the outreach and evangelism opportunities this can bring your church.

As you see the features of apps and websites, you’ll discover a host of other ways that this kind of technology can help your ministry.

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