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The 215 Student Discipleship App (based off Philippians 2:15) is an iPhone/iPad app that brings powerful discipleship tools to your students and youth leaders.

Download the App and keep reading the benefits it can bring to your church…

This app will:

  • Challenge your students to know, follow and share Christ in their daily lives.
  • Provides your students with solid Biblical help when they face life’s struggles including a guide for making wise choices, topical Bible verses and a link to Dawson McAllister’s blog, The HopeLine.
  • Give your youth an easy way to share the Gospel with all ages.
  • Give your youth leaders devotions, resources, and great helps (coming soon…)
  • In addition to all of this, inside the 215 app, we’ll create your own customized ministry corner featuring your student ministry information.

Your Student Ministry Corner will include…

  • Information about your ministry
  • Your schedule
  • Touch-of-the-Button emailing and calling
  • A link to your website, Facebook or events page
  • A map to your location
  • A feed to your blog (if you have one)
  • Links to favorites apps or websites that you want to recommend to your students
  • The ability for your student to text or email prayer requests at the touch-of-a-button
  • There are a variety of additional options available. We want your corner to help keep your students connected to your ministry.

How do I subscribe?

Your church can subscribe for $15 per month. And you get a 20% discount if you pay annually–That’s $12 per month for a great resource that can benefit your students and your youth leaders.

(If you are interested in having your own student ministry app, press here to learn more.)

Promo Materials

We will also provide you with promotional resources to help you communicate this new resource to your students.

I Have Questions…

By all means, please ask us. You can reach us at

I’m Ready! What’s Next?

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